Want to be a BIG part in growing the next great global sport?
Hey, we need you!
We’re looking for European NGBs and clubs passionate about and dedicated to the sport of Roundnet. If that’s you, then we want you to apply to host one of our tour series events next year in 2020!
We think we have a win-win model that will create a straightforward tournament hosting experience for you and an awesome tournament experience for the players!

Interested? READ BELOW
  1. Spikeball have provided the EUSRA with Spikeball Pro sets, Pro balls, a Spikeball tent, Spikeball flags and Spikeball banners that you can use free of charge! 

  2. Spikeball are providing financial sponsorship directly to your event to help you make your tournament even more awesome!

  3. Spikeball will be featuring EUSRA tour series on their own Instagram giving your tournament exposure to over 400k followers!

  4. Spikeball will be providing some sweet Spikeball merchandise for you to swag out your prize stand with!

  5. Your event will be given permission to use the trademarked brand name and logo, legitimising your event even more and drawing further sign ups. 

  6. The EUSRA will provide start-finish event marketing services. Our content and communications team have you covered!

  7. The EUSRA will include the host’s logo and branding on all of EUSRA’s marketing posts for your event. Benefit from huge exposure to our continent-wide audience!

  8. The EUSRA will provide event sign up services. This a big one - no need to stay up late chasing sign up fees. We’ll sort all that out and at the end provide you with the collected information you need. 

  9. The EUSRA will provide comprehensive logistics to ensure the equipment you need arrives and departs from your event safely. 

  10. The EUSRA will provide a tour series event hosting manual. EVERYTHING you will need to do as the host will be clearly laid out in step-by-step instructions in our manual. 

  11. The EUSRA will provide face-to-face support and opportunity for any questions about hosting your event though-out the process.


The EUSRA is providing you with the opportunity to host a highly esteemed EUSRA Tour Series event which creates extra hype and draws a ton more sign ups. This means...

  1. There is a huge opportunity to capture sign ups from local casual players and inspire them with an awesome and easily accessible tournament, leading to growth of roundnet in your local area. 

  2. With the major expense of equipment taken care of there are a number of ways in which you can create some potential for financial profit from your event for your NGB or club which you can then use to re-invest into the growth of roundnet in your local area! We believe in providing maximum value to our tournament attendees and we also believe in ensuring that the local communities hosting the EUSRA events in partnership with us are supported so they can continue to flourish and keep hosting awesome events. 


Shortlisted applicants will receive a full EUSRA Tour Series Manual with detailed instructions and timeline helping you to run your event smoothly. Below are the most important tasks that we will expect you to complete so you can get a basic idea now of what you will be committing to:

  1. Rent a sweet tournament field.

  2. Gather a team of volunteers, awesome events don’t happen without awesome volunteers. 

  3. Liaise with EUSRA events team to ensure safe arrival and departure of Spikeball equipment. 

  4. Work closely with EUSRA finance team to ensure smooth running of tournament finances. 

  5. Pick up results score card from EUSRA rankings team to report the tournament results. 

  6. Follow the instructions detailed in EUSRA tour series document provided for relevant aspects of the tournament.

  1. A group of friends, a team or a community that are interested in competing.

  2. A Facebook Events page to spread the word.

  3. To host a rankings eligible event you will need to meet the requirements of an Independent Tournament.

  4. Fill out the Official EU SRA results sheet after the tournament.

  5. Send results to our Facebook page to be submitted.

  • All eligible tournaments must have at least 2 nationalities participating.

  • For an Open Division there must be at least 16 teams participating.

  • For a Women’s or Mixed division there must be at least 5 teams participating.

  • When more than 1 Open division is on offer at a tournament only the highest Open division will be eligible for rankings points.

Roundnet Rules and Regulations
EU SRA Official Results Sheets

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